Enchanted Polish

Boysenberry Syrup and Rainbow juice (with pulp) 

Hello all!!It is a cold and snowy day here in Wisconsin so I figured I would do a nice wintery combination. So today we have one Enchanted Polishs cream colors and a glitter topper. 

The cream I have today is called Boysenberry Syrup.   

This has to be one of my favorite colors in general of all time. It is so hard to find a berry cream or even a color like this! It’s not to dark or red. It has the perfect combination of blues, purples, and red.  Especially with my pale skin tone this color pops like no tomorrow.  

It’s just so prettyyyy!!!!! 😊

I figured well why not too this beauty with some holo glitter. So I topped it with Rainbow juice (with pulp). Yes the name is perfect is a micro holo topper with Holo flakies aka the pulp. Makes me giggle every time I read it.  

 So here is a bottle macro shot so much glitter!! 

I like this topper but it is sort of difficult to polish for the look I wanted. The best way to polish this is to have a good amount on your brush and do two swipes. Done one side of the nail then the other . If you don’t do it like this then the topper covers more completely and I was just looking for something subtle.  

 Like this 😊

Here’s the mani.   

 As you can see on the second finger I was a tad heavy handed with the topper. But all the other ones turned out nicely. I like flakies in polish in not a huge fan as a topper since they can clog up the brush after a while. The next enchanteds I am reviewing are hot glam girl, jitterbug, ocean potion and once upon a time. So be on the look out for these rare jems. 😊

Thanks again 



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