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Hot glam girl and Jitterbug comparison 

Hi everyone!!

As you all know i am a huge older enchanted polish collector and have honestly never worn any of them! Gasp!! I know right lol. So today I broke that and wore two oldies Hot Glam Girl and Jitterbug. Both are beautiful and pink but did you know they are extremely close in color but still different. 

So here we are starting out with Jitterbug  

Just look at that holo on the bottle!!! Woah! So Jitterbug is a flamingoish pink. Its light but not super light but its not dark so i guess you could say is a medium pink but i like flamingo better lol. 

So here is Hot Glam Girl  

 This is honestly one of my favorite colors a berry warm pink works the best with my skin tone. That purple in there really makes that pink shine. And the holo is super stong like most of the enchanted polishes. This is probably one of the best deep pinks she has made. 

All right lets compare the two!! So here they can you see the difference?  

So here i have Hot Glam girl on the pointer and ring and Jitterbug on the middle and pinkey. To be honest when looking at the bottles next to eachother its hard to see the difference. As you can see Hot glam girl has more purple and jitterbug is more like i said flamingoish. Hot glam girl is definitely my favorite im more into purple pinks then light and girly pinks. 

Heres a macro of the two side by side      


On the left we have Hot Glam Girl and the right Jitterbug. As you can see it is easier to see the difference. With Hot Glam Girl you can see the deeper pink and more holographic depth. While with Jitterbug it is lighter, a little more sheer, and dosent have as much depth as its counter part.  

Well I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did 😊😊 

Thanks all



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