Vapid lacquer

Enchanted polish Dope Jam Valentine’s Day 

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

I hope you all have amazing plans with your significant other or are just chilling like a villain that’s amazing too. So here today I have enchanted polish dope jam and vapid lacquer bubblegum for the stamping 

Let’s see this beauty in action  in the sun😊


Can we just appreciate this amazing pink!!! I honestly never ever wear pink I’m not girly in that way but this color definitely is an exception. This is two coats no top coat. I would describe this as a rich pink. A shade below flamingo pink but still on the brighter side. 

Here’s a bottle macro  


All those  tiny holo rainbows are amazing.  This color is perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

And under my day light  


Honestly no matter the lighting this pink stays bright and beautiful. Also with it being very pigmented many worry about stains this color had no issues 😊
And of course for Valentine’s Day a bit of stamping!  



So for this stamping I used the winstonia plate 102 and mixed a dab of white with my Vapid lacquer bubblegum. I almost didn’t want to cover up this pink but the stamping just made it look so cute! Who dosent love some cute hearts ❤️❤️ now I’m no pro at stamping I mainly do hand painted art so I was a little out of my box but I think it turned out pretty snazzy. 
Thanks again all and happy Valentine’s Day!!! 




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