Welcome Bio

Welcome back!

What’s up nail friends! After having a crazy few years I finally have brought back the nail blog. I am so excited to bring you reviews of the latest nail products, trends and my nail journey.

For all of you that are new and reading for the first time (which is probably everyone) Welcome!

My name is Hope and I am professional nail technician. I have been in the industry for over seven years and I currently work full time in a full service salon in Wisconsin. I have been with my husband for 10 years this December and now happily married for two years this October. I am a huge nerd. I love video games, sailor moon and everything spoopy (cute spooky). My home nail studio is a contrast of everything pastel/ kawaii with cute creepy undertones.

As a nail technician there is always a new technique, product and brand popping up. I value education and love to challenge myself to always be learning something new for my clients. Over the years I have taken shellac, Brisa and acrylic classes with CND. Ive even had the chance to meet the owner Jan Arnold.

NTNA Season 5 @theWit

Recently this year there have been multiple opportunities for education in Wisconsin which is very rare. I will always try to grasp at the opportunity to learn from other amazing nail technicians. This past January I had the amazing opportunity to take the Swarovski certification class with the lovely Hillary Fry. Being one of the first to become a Swarovski certified nail artist in the world is something I am very proud of. This past March I completed my Bachelors degree with Light Elegance under the dean of students Darcy Olin. Working with her and LE’s amazing products was a real eye opener.This was the first time I have done an online based course. It took me about a year and a half to complete all four classes in depth and the senior seminar/ evaluation. It probably wouldn’t take as long for most people but I am a perfectionist and wanted to fully understand each part of each course before I went to the next one. My most recent class I attended this past July was a Portfolio builder with Lauren Wiermen founder of the Wildflowers nail academy. I this class we earned 17 different nail designs all created with her amazing products. Hearing her amazing back story/ nail journey was really inspiring and was part of the reason why i wanted to bring back the nail blog.

Living life day to day can become so monotonous. But i have so much knowledge and fun ideas to share I want to share it with everyone! As well as show off all of the products I work this everyday and why i think they are so awesome. I hope you all come with me on this journey and enjoy reading! 🙂 don’t forget to follow me on all my social media platforms for updates of new posts.


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