Light Elegance

The Buttercreams: Light Elegance

Hi everyone welcome to another review! The amazing buttercreams from Light Elegance recently had its first birthday!! Can you believe we have had this amazing product for over a year. I will be going over all of the beautiful colors, shimmers and glitter today. There are a current total of 30 buttercreams with more on… Continue reading The Buttercreams: Light Elegance

Glass Gel Set · wildflowers nail academy

Glass gel set: Wildflowers Nails

What’s up nail friends today i will be reviewing the Wildflowers Glass gel set. Jelly nails or glass nails have been all the rage lately. This collection actually came out around this time last year so its funny how trends come around. Lauren from Wildflowers always seems to find the trends before they become popular.… Continue reading Glass gel set: Wildflowers Nails

Fall 2018 · Light Elegance

Under the Big Top – Light Elegance Fall 2018

Hi everyone its Hope here and welcome to another post on the nail blog. Today i will be reviewing three colors and two glitter gels from Light Elegance’s new fall collection. As a whole both collections are beautiful for the upcoming fall season. But i chose colors that were missing in my collection and i… Continue reading Under the Big Top – Light Elegance Fall 2018