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Under the Big Top – Light Elegance Fall 2018

Hi everyone its Hope here and welcome to another post on the nail blog. Today i will be reviewing three colors and two glitter gels from Light Elegance’s new fall collection. As a whole both collections are beautiful for the upcoming fall season. But i chose colors that were missing in my collection and i know that would get the most wear. This new collection is circus themed or being under the big top. The color gels i have are Come one come all, main attraction and ring master. For the glitters i have smoke and mirrors and snake charmer.

Lets start with the color gels.

Come one come all is a taupe with purple undertones. If you are familiar with the colors from LE this color looks like puddle play and early gray had a baby. Very soft ,creamy and neutral perfect for fall and really very usable all year round. You can never have enough nudes. I usually use the Celina Rydén sandwich technique for my hard gels so I can get maximum coverage. But this nude covers very nicely if you apply them on top.

Next, the main attraction which is a very suitable name for this color. If you recall furs and dames from last falls collection and high dive from last summer i would say this is a purple version of those colors. It is a deep plum with crazy dimension. I compare it here to cup of ambition and sexy lexy. Cup of ambition is very dark purple almost black and sexy lexy is really blue. Giving this color a stir it looks like velvet so smooth and well velvety. Personally i love purples in the fall the color contrasts beautifully with the colors of the leaves changing and all i want to do is snuggle up in a big sweater.

Don’t be chai, ring master, #dontbelatte

The last color gel I have is called ring master. Now greens are always hit or miss with people depending on their undertones. I would consider this a army green similar to G.I Jane but deeper. For color comparison i would put them in order of don’t be chai, G.I Jane, ring master and #dontbelate. All are kind of in that similar olive tone perfect for fall once again or honestly could be worn all year round. I normally not a green kind of girl I’m normally a teal or blue green. But this color is very warm and being a deeper tone it’s very wearable.

Now for everyone’s favorite part the glitters!

Big Dipper, snake charmer, Black Magic

I have today snake charmer and smoke and mirrors. Snake charmer is a clear based gel with fine black glitters with flecks of green glitter with a little blue. The black glitter is more matte and the green glitter is what give this color it’s dimension. I immediately thought of Harry Potter nails when i saw this color and the very appropriate name. Now with glitter gels like this one that aren’t as concentrated i always recommend multiple layers or to be layered on top of dark or similar colors like ring master. You can never have to many black glitter gels since they all are very different and just so cool. Who doesn’t like a set of sparkly black nails they are always huge in my salon and my own nails.

The Elvis pelvis, #omg, radiant, smoke and mirrors

The other glitter i have today is called smoke and mirrors. Now every video i have watched of this color everyone has had the same reaction as i have. When you first look at it you think oh its another medium sized silver glitter gel. On the LE’s website its described as a sliver glitter with smokey background. This is true but i feel like there is something more underneath it almost a slight purple tone. Now this could be the smokey background just pulling slightly purple against the silver but it is so unique and i have nothing like it in my collection. I unfortunately don’t have a real true sliver glitter gel to compair it to but i do have #raidiant ,#omg and the Elvis pelvis just to show off the dimension that smoke and mirrors has. #Raidiant has more of a green/irredentist tone to it, #omg is more of a pink silver and the Elvis has more of blue, purple, silver tones to it.

Over all i am really happy with the Light elegance’s 2018 fall collection. It’s nice to see some different colors from them that are more earthy. For both collections i don’t believe there is one color or glitter that doesn’t belong. They all scream fall/ earth tones and i am so excited to see what everyone creates with them. All of these colors look like they were pulled off of the runway and correspond nicely with the upcoming fall fashion trends. So what do you think of the new fall collection? Will you be getting it or getting only a few? Let me know in the comments below of on any of my social media platforms.


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