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Glass gel set: Wildflowers Nails

What’s up nail friends today i will be reviewing the Wildflowers Glass gel set. Jelly nails or glass nails have been all the rage lately. This collection actually came out around this time last year so its funny how trends come around. Lauren from Wildflowers always seems to find the trends before they become popular.

The Glass gel set includes six colors hot pink, red, yellow, lime green, teal and purple. Compared to some other brands coming out with more colors these six are very blendable and you can easily create more. The swatches I have created were only one thin layer If you were using it on a client i probably would try to do two thin coats to get a more even coverage. They have a similar consistency to the Wildflowers metallic top coat which is nice for getting a even coverage. Tho the purple glass gel is very dark so I find the thinner its applied the better. With these colors being glass You can create so many designs and use a lot of different techniques.

For example, I have used the red glass over clear blooming gel and white to make a beautiful blooming rose. For this design you can use any of the colors but I wouldn’t recommend the hot pink as it turns the black background slightly brown. In the Wildflowers portfolio builder class Lauren showed us a really pretty almost water color effect with the gels as well simple but delicate waves of color. I recently had a client in for a gel polish pedicure I used the Wildflowers unicorn chrome pigment and then topped it with the hot pink glass gel to create a hot pink holographic look! The designs are endless so if you are debating on getting them don’t wait!

The nail design I did recently was called the “bath bomb” design that Lauren designed. For this design I used CND cream puff and black pool as my base, silver foil for the accent, the pink, yellow, lime green, teal glass gels and the clear blooming gel. First I applied, cured the base colors and pressed in the silver foil. I then brushed on the glass gels sparingly and used the Wildflowers ombré brush to blend the colors together which was super easy and cured them. I topped everything with the clear blooming gel added my white dots and let the magic happen.

Over all I am very happy with the Wildflowers glass gel set and I highly recommend it to anyone who is either debating or wants a product for simple nail designs. I definitely will have to play around with them more to see what else they can do.

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