Light Elegance

The Buttercreams: Light Elegance

Hi everyone welcome to another review! The amazing buttercreams from Light Elegance recently had its first birthday!! Can you believe we have had this amazing product for over a year. I will be going over all of the beautiful colors, shimmers and glitter today.

There are a current total of 30 buttercreams with more on the way. If you aren’t famillar with the buttercreams they are a color gel with a butter like consistency that are just loaded with pigment! All of the buttercreams are one coat coverage or two very thin coats. This formula has been, for me at least a huge game changer. Those of you who do your own nails know the struggle of painting your dominate hand with your non dominate one.

There are so many things you can do with the butters like one stroke, stamping, hand painting, all over color, ombré the possibilities are endless. All of the buttercreams cure to a tacky finish so they do need to be sealed with a top coat. As of right now there are currently 5 collections in order they are The Butter Basics, The Debut Buttercream, LE Family Favoriites, Party in Palm beach and Make Me a Mrs. Putting all of the swatches in color order you will notice there is a little bit of everything but there are a lot of nudes and light pinks. Most people would ask why so many light colors and nudes aren’t there enough? Well honestly no, i am a huge fan of finally having a large slection of lighter colors that are so pigmented. Nothing is worse then having that one client that wants a light pink or even white that is just so streaky no matter what you do. Since they have only been around a year and they obviously will be making more it was smart on their end to start light and give us what we need and then throw in some other colors as the collections go along. So without further adu lest start going though these beautiful collections

The butter basics are well your basic colors. In this collection there are collections four colors and two metallics: real red, just white, playful pink, silver metallic, gold metallic and black tie. All of these colors are buttercream originals meaning they haven’t been produced in any other form except for the classic black tie. I really like the metallic silver and gold because they are a true metallic with no glitters and great for adding that pop to a marble nail or other nail art ideas.

The Debut Buttercreams collection is a set of six matte colors. This is the first time we see the true power of this formula with the lighter colors. In this collection we have Your churn, i melt for you, sweet cream, grade A (my favorite), butter me up and Uber perfection. Can we take a moment to appreciate how cleaver these names are i always have a good giggle when i am reading them. I usually grab for these more in the spring or early summer time. The butters are so creamy and easy to use with the right brush. I usually use my Light elegance #4 oval brush to get nice and close to those cuticles.

The LE family favorites collection when this collection came out i was so excited. Having two of my favorite color gels made into a buttercream formula meant i could actually have matching hands for once! This collection consists of cha cha cherry, fast lane, justice, ride the rails, Rosey posey and pink tutu. This is the first time we have the original color gels in the buttercream formula and two shimmers. Ride the rails is one of my all time favorites perfect for fall all the way to spring. It’s so easy to jazz up the butter with some flakies or glitters bc of that nice tacky layer.

The Party in Palm beach collection just screams summer fun. This collection has a great mixture of bright and neutral colors. In this collection we have flamingle, night owl, pool shark, social butterfly, tail-gator, and the cat’s meow. This was the first collection that I didn’t buy as a whole. The fact that there are two pinks made me not want the whole collection as most of my clients and myself go for more cool tones then bright pinks. But as time went on and the idea of being able to do one stroke and hand painting with the butters it made me think well I rather have them all and have them if I needed them. My favorite out of this collection was social butterfly. I love the soft metallic white its a great accent color and will be amazing for winter. If you recall frosty paws from their gel color line it is slightly similar but with more pigment.

The most recent collection was Make Me a Mrs. I believe was a really good pallet cleansing collection. This collection has all of those nudes and soft colors that needed expanding. Also, This is the first time we are introduced to a clear based buttercream with very, very fine glitters. I love that with this ring came out in the collection because we can add that little sparkle to the beautiful nudes of this collection. After this collection I would say there is a buttercream nude or pink for nearly every skin tone.

So there you have all 30 colors! So what do you think? Have you tied them do you love them or can you live without them? I love them and can’t wait for them to expand on this product line even more. The possibility’s are endless. As always Don’t forget to follow all my social media for nail posts and updates. 😊


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