Chaos & Crocodiles

Turks and chaos/ mysteries part 2

Hello all!! Alrighty continuing with the chaos & crocodiles theme and show you the group exclusive mysterys 😊  So there are three mystery colors pink, purple and blue:   The first one is the pink called The bubble gum conspiracy.    This color is very true to its name this is a beautiful bubblegum pink… Continue reading Turks and chaos/ mysteries part 2

Chaos & Crocodiles

Turks and chaos / mysterys part 1

Hello everyone!  Today’s feature is a Chaos & Crocodiles group exclusive and three mysterys. If you are a member of the Facebook group for chaos & crocodiles recently we had to pick a jorney and decide if we wanted to go to Neptune nirvana (blue) or Turks and chaos (teal).  I chose Turks and chaos… Continue reading Turks and chaos / mysterys part 1

Enchanted Polish

Vintage, Winter and Dom (golds comparison)

Hello all!! So I am a huge collector of Enchanted polish. This brand was actually the first indie brand I started collecting and that started the craze. 😊 so you can say I nearly have every single enchanted created square and round (skinny, fatty). So I love doing comparisons feel free to suggest ones for… Continue reading Vintage, Winter and Dom (golds comparison)